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Project Management OS ⚡️

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Project Management OS - The Ultimate Project Management Solution ⚡️

Project Management OS is the ultimate project management tool for small businesses and freelancers.
It streamlines workflow, manages clients and projects efficiently, and improves communication with your team. With Project Management OS, managing your projects will be a breeze.

Unleash the power of organization and efficiency with our specially designed project management template on Notion. From task tracking to client management and project finances, this template has everything you need to take your projects to the next level. Say goodbye to cluttered spreadsheets and disorganized notes, and hello to streamlined success.

Managing projects can be a daunting task, with multiple moving parts and a never-ending list of tasks. But with our project management template, you'll have everything you need to keep your projects on track and your team in sync.

Our template is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, allowing you to focus on what matters most: getting the job done. You'll have access to a comprehensive task tracker, client management system, and project finances all in one place, so you'll never have to worry about missing a deadline or overlooking an important detail again.

Don't let project management stress you out any longer.
Get your hands on our template and start enjoying the benefits of a well-organized, efficient, and successful project management system today! 🔥

This project management workflow has generated great returns on their investment for 100+ service based businesses and agencies that rely on client work.

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Project Management OS Features ✨

Unlock the full potential of your projects with Project Management OS - the ultimate project management tool for small businesses and freelancers.

  1. Manage all your clients
    Project Management OS is an ideal CRM tool for small business owners and freelancers, as it covers all aspects of client management, from client onboarding to project handoff.
  2. Manage all your projects
    Streamline your project management process with our powerful tool, and easily plan, collaborate, track and manage projects and tasks for a productive workflow.
  3. Track your meetings
    A dedicated section for taking and keeping track of meeting notes, allowing you to easily document project discussions and ensure that important details are not missed.
  4. Track the finance of projects
    Manage and monitor the financials of your business by keeping track of income from different projects, adding expenses, and viewing financial statements.
  5. Manage project resources
    Database of resources, including meeting records, document templates, and tools, to facilitate an efficient and streamlined project management workflow.
  6. Your mint vault
    The Vault feature in Project Management OS is a powerful tool that provides you with a comprehensive database of all the necessary resources for template structuring.


Pro Feature:

Client Notion Dashboard 💎

Centralize Your Client Management with Project Management OS's Client Notion Dashboard Feature

The client notion dashboard feature in Project Management OS allows you to create individual dashboards for each client. Each dashboard includes specific project details, client communications, and project progress, all in one centralized location. This feature makes it easy to manage multiple clients and projects at once, and also allows you to keep sensitive information confidential and secure. Additionally, it allows you to share the progress of the project with the client, giving them transparency into the work you are doing for them. The client notion dashboard feature in Project Management OS helps in managing client relationships and keeps all relevant information in one place, making it easy to access for all parties involved.

Get your copy of our template today and start managing your projects like a pro!

''Project management is like painting a masterpiece, with each process stream as a different brushstroke, coming together to create something beautiful.

What's Included?

Project Management Suite
Manage a suite of client, project, and team management functionalities from one single base.

100+ Document Templates
For many of your business tasks and day-to-day operations, you just need to duplicate some pre-made documents and you are done.

Descriptive Guide
Easily customize and make Project Management OS your own with our detailed onboarding guide. Understand the template in minutes and take just a few simple steps to tailor it to fit your specific needs.

The #1 way to manage
clients, projects, finance, and teams.

The design of Project Management OS notion template is beautifully crafted to streamline your workflow and help you stay on top of your projects.


✔ Minimal and beautifully crafted interface design.

✔ Functional Dashboards to organize and streamline workflow

✔ Pre-populated templates for projects, clients, and other spaces.

✔ Functional views for each database to give meaning to each data point

✔ 100+ Document templates to help you speed up the process

✔ Quick access shortcut to give you a glance at the entire workflow

✔ Detailed onboarding Guide and instructions

✔ 24x7 Support team to help you with your queries

Who is Project Management OS for?

Project Management OS is a project management tool specifically created for small business owners and freelancers. Our product offering caters to the unique needs of individual freelancers and small businesses. If you handle multiple projects and clients, then Project Management OS is the perfect solution for you.

With Project Management OS, you'll be able to manage your projects from start to finish, keep track of project progress, and stay on top of your finances. The template is easy to use and fully customizable to fit your specific needs.

Don't let project management stress you out, try Project Management OS today!"


Used & trusted by 100+ service businesses across the globe.

"Project Management OS has been a valuable tool for our business. It's user-friendly, easy to use and has helped us stay organized and on top of all our projects.""

Aastha Thomar
Product Designer

"Project Management OS has been a game-changer for our company. The streamlined workflow and comprehensive set of features have made it easy for us to manage our projects and clients."

Makrand Kulkarni
Project Manager

"Our team has been using Project Management OS for several months now and we are extremely satisfied with its performance. The financial management feature has helped us stay on top of our revenue and expenses."

Developer - Freelancer

"We were looking for a project management tool that would work well for our small business and Project Management OS has exceeded our expectations. The client management feature has been a lifesaver."

UI Design - Agency


How many projects can I manage using Project Management OS?

With Project Management OS, you have the flexibility to manage any number of projects you desire. There is no limit on the number of projects you can manage using Project Management OS, you can use it for as many projects as you need to. It's designed to be intuitive and easy to use, making it a great solution for small business owners and freelancers who handle multiple projects and clients.

Can I get customizations done for my agency?

Yes, we do offer customization options to tailor Project Management OS to your specific needs. For more advanced customizations or integrations, we recommend reaching out to our team directly. They can provide you with more information and guide you through the process to ensure that your needs are met.

What is the refund policy if I don't find Project Management OS useful?

If you don't find Project Management OS useful, you can reach out to the company's customer support team within the first 30 days after purchase and we will provide you with a partial refund. We value our customers and want to ensure that they are satisfied with our product. If you have any issues with the tool or find that it's not a good fit for your business, it's best to contact the support team to inquire about your options.

We are dedicated to providing you with the support you need to make the most of our product.

Whether you have a question or need help getting started, our team is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out and let us help you achieve a more organized and streamlined workflow for your team.

Check out our website at https://getmintos.com/

Any questions?

Shoot us direct mail at deepak@parallelconnect.com

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Project Management OS ⚡️

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